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Things to do November 14, 2008

Again, inspired by Craftjunk, I am now going to commit to blog my projects and add in the ones I have finished and the ones I am planning.

Updated June 2009 as I aim to complete all my WIPs by 30 June, 2009 and planning my next projects to start 1 July, 2009


Gryff’s Birthday Blanket

Eva Shawl for Melissa

Amy Butler Lounge pants for Susie

Platypus for mothers group birthday party

Platypus for Maddeleine

Another platypus

Block Party #4

Bendi Rustic Peppercorn  – Chevron Lace cardi

Chuck the Monkey

Holiday in Brown and Camel – Chimu Monkey for Gryff

Granny Square vest for Gryff

Vinca pink / blue – Clapotis

Next Projects


Dress with matching sling bag (see Kootoyoo for pillowslip bag) from vintage sheet


Malabrigo – Queen Anne’s Lace Scarf


Simple scarf with crochet edging – Kidsilk Haze and Kaalund

Things Done

Calorimetry – my dyed baby yarn doubled with undyed yarn, less than a ball of each

Goldie – Camo Blue for Gryff

Rasberry 5ply Bendi – Milobo’s top down cardi

Crocus bud shawl


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