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A quick FO September 28, 2011

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I have been trying to improve the quality of my finished objects. I’m quite pleased with this one, a skirt I can wear to work.
It will be better when I give it an iron.



Another FO August 24, 2011

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This little one is a bit more recent. While at SIT, I bought this Kristen Doran embroidery pattern because it was just so darn cute. Then my boy asked me to make him a robot. I’m fairly sure he wanted it to be made of metal and have flashing lights but this is what he got.

He is so sweet he didn’t show a hint of disappointment. He is even good enough to take it to bed with him every now and again.



A new tack August 21, 2011

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My blogging has been absolutely woeful of late and I’m pretty embarrassed about it. But I’ve decided to try something new and blog from my phone.  The idea is to make it a bit more immediate and to use the proximity of the camera to its advantage.

So here goes.

A recent FO. For my boy of course. A simple play mat panel, with pockets for cars (and parachutes and soldiers and planes and helicopters) on the back and ties so it can be all wrapped up and carried about. Like all mothers of four year old boys I am always trying to find ways to keep him busy and happy, particularly when we are out and about.


Easy Gift Giving April 30, 2011

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I’ve had an idea for a kid’s present going around in my head and finally had the chance to give it a go.  The two children of the lovely Donna have their birthdays close together and rather than giving more toys, I took the opportunity to try to get my idea together.

A while ago I bought some hamburger shaped bento boxes from an import store that was closing down.  I can’t quite remember how many I bought but there are a few.  They were cheap but lovely quality.

So I decided I needed to make a bag for the bento boxes to sit in which looked a bit like a paper bag from a well known fast food outlet. I made them out of a linen/ cotton blend fabric and just made it up as I went along.

I ended up with this:
Bento box bags

Gryff was the guinea pig but he loves his as much as the two lovely kids did today.  The bento boxes are not ideal for lunches as they don’t fit a sandwich easily but they are great for snacks and the kids like pulling them apart to see what is in the different layers.
Bento boxes
The whole process was fun. It was easy and quick and I think the kids really like them.  Watch out if your child is likely to get a present from me any time soon….


Special February 6, 2011

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I have a whole host of blog posts in my head that I just have not found the time to get down but this one couldn’t wait any longer.
When my mother ‘remodelled’ her sewing space recently she found that her existing sewing table didn’t quite fit the plans. My Mum (hi Mum!) needs things to fit and so the sewing table became reluctantly redundant. Except that this is no ordinary sewing table. This has to have been with my Mum for as many years as I have. She can’t quite remember if it was bought for her by her father or by my father but it was a LONG time ago. And it really doesn’t matter to me. Both these men were important to me so, ergo, this sewing table is too. Of course, my Mum is the one that has kept this table with her and used it for all these years and that is the most important thing of all.
sewing table
It is just beautiful. More beautiful since she restained it and brought it back to its real former glory but it works so beautifully for me. A bit longer than my nephews desk that I was using before, it allows me to comfortably access my machine and overlocker and the drawers are just perfect for sewing things.
sewing table
Very shallow and wide so that you can see everything at a glance.
sewing table
A special shelf for threads but I keep mine where I can see them so I need to find a good use for it.

Of course I love it, I love sitting at it and I love that it has history. History that can’t be remade.


Ooops… I missed a day October 8, 2010

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But nobody noticed did they?
I’ve had a few fabulous op shop finds lately that I thought I should share. Apart from an additional number of vintage sheets that I don’t need, some Golden Books that I have no real use for (except to read the fabulous little stories to my boy) and some other knic-knacks that I have no space for, I have found a few really good things.
I think I have already mentioned a collection of feet for my overlocker. They are fantastic and I am just so lucky that they fit my machine. I am getting quite good with the gathering foot and the elastic gathering foot.
I also found this handy dandy little sewing machine – all complete and in perfect working order. It was very useful when I needed to sew up a few stitches on some curtains that I didn’t want to have to take down and try to wrestle around my sewing machine.
cute toy
But I think today’s find gave me the most pleasure.
Beneath the misleading decrepit box, the set was complete. And there were a couple of extra engines thrown in for good measure.
It was $10. For anybody who knows anything about Thomas, that is just fantastic.
I have collected Thomas track, engines and compatible bits and pieces for the past 18 months or so. Picking up bits as I see them on sale or in op shops and so we now have a pretty good collection. The little boy is just getting to the age where he can really enjoy them. It is very satisfying.


Day 5 – Crash October 5, 2010

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One of the stories I had planned on telling you about these past months was my new found love / obsession with sewing the perfect t-shirt type top. It started with a flirting interest with using my overlocker (serger) to its full potential and investing in a few cheap metres of knit fabric. I used a pattern from one of my favourite shirts and just winged it really. It has been fun. And very successful. I now have eight new shirts in my wardrobe and a real understanding of stretch fabrics, differential feed and twin needles. I moved back to woven cottons and remade the pattern to suit and then found some lovely light voiles to play with. Throw in to that story an amazing opshop find of a set of overlocking feet (gathering, elastic gathering and several piping feet) which have sparked my imagination about what is possible.
Until last night.
I had planned out a shirt in my head, written a few notes and when I had a bit of time in the evening, cut out the fabric and started work. A Complete Disaster.
The fabric didn’t work, the idea wasn’t thought through. Half way through, trying to fudge and compensate, I knew that although the idea is still probably sound, it really needed more work. I was discouraged, I felt crummy.
Nice fabric, precious sewing hours – all wasted. I could probably make something out of the awful mess that I made but that would waste more time and negative energy.
Until this morning. I picked it up and thought about the waste. I realised that the $3 worth of fabric and the two hours spent were really well spent to learn and discover the things you know about sewing not by reading but by doing. It was valuable. It was enriching. It made me feel good about what I do. Trying something, sometimes failing. Other times possibly triumphing. But sometimes failing.
And so to end on a bright note, my journey tonight.
Finishing a lovely Amy Butler pattern ready for a visit with the lovely Donna tomorrow.
AB Tunic
Sewing in ends on my own little creation which fits me beautifully and which I might wear tomorrow to make the above mentioned Donna very jealous.