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End of Week challenge round up August 27, 2012

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I’m still in ‘excited’ challenge mode and am really enjoying ‘shopping in my own store’ and using up fabrics that I own and getting rid of some that I don’t love anymore.

It was a busy week ‘in real life’ with the ‘Book Character Parade’ costume taking most of my sewing time but the result was good as my little Pinocchio was a hit! Pity I didn’t get a really great photo but just for the record:

If you’re wondering that is a leaf at the end of his long nose – it doesn’t work very well front on!

Onto the YLC (Year Long Challenge)

This past week the lovely Donna and I destashed a big pile of fabric (and me a little yarn) at the fabulous Fabric-a-brac.   It was a great afternoon.  Not only did I get rid of a heap (either by selling, donating or sending off to the op shop) of dreary, never to be used fabric, I didn’t leave with anything but 4 patterns. I have to admit that I nearly ‘caved’ but in the end, found the enjoyment of walking away better than the thrill of buying new fabric.   Donna did very well with just one canny purchase of fabric to match a pattern she had also just bought and she is following a very sensible  ‘buy to make’ rule because her stash is no where near as monstrous as mine.

I have also made FOUR skirts this weekend.  Two from the fabulous Nikki M’s A-Line Skirt pattern (I know, I know, I am so late to the party on that one) which is the best pattern EVAR!  I cut the full pattern out of a vintage sheet with the intention of making a proper muslin but it has worked out so well, I’m starting to rehearse fabrics to make a top to match.  It was late on Saturday night but I still had enough in me to cut the skirt part from again and throw a yoga style fold-over stretch band where the yoke should be.  It worked a treat and I actually wore the skirt to work today and was super comfy all day.

This is the muslin

The other two skirts were both the Fay skirt pattern from StyleArc.  This is the funkiest pattern I have ever seen! My first skirt was in a heavy weight two way stretch ‘something’ and it worked like a dream so just for fun I pulled out a one way stretch poplin and it is just as good.  These skirts are to die for, each taking less than an hour from beginning to end so I’m now stash diving to find a fabric for my third.

This is the stretch poplin which I cannot seem to photograph at any flattering angle. but trust me – it’s great!

So for the record I am now at day 42 of my challenge.  I’m loving it.


My Swallowtail May 2, 2012

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I finally got around to knitting a Swallowtail, a pattern I have been wanting to try for a while.  I started it while we were on a beach camping holiday between Christmas and New Year.  If it hadn’t ben for the solitude, I’m not sure how far I would have got.  I found the knitting very challenging and had to concentrate on every row.
The yarn is Misti Alpaca lace weight on 3.75mm bamboo needles.



I love it.


A quick FO September 28, 2011

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I have been trying to improve the quality of my finished objects. I’m quite pleased with this one, a skirt I can wear to work.
It will be better when I give it an iron.



Another FO August 24, 2011

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This little one is a bit more recent. While at SIT, I bought this Kristen Doran embroidery pattern because it was just so darn cute. Then my boy asked me to make him a robot. I’m fairly sure he wanted it to be made of metal and have flashing lights but this is what he got.

He is so sweet he didn’t show a hint of disappointment. He is even good enough to take it to bed with him every now and again.



A new tack August 21, 2011

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My blogging has been absolutely woeful of late and I’m pretty embarrassed about it. But I’ve decided to try something new and blog from my phone.  The idea is to make it a bit more immediate and to use the proximity of the camera to its advantage.

So here goes.

A recent FO. For my boy of course. A simple play mat panel, with pockets for cars (and parachutes and soldiers and planes and helicopters) on the back and ties so it can be all wrapped up and carried about. Like all mothers of four year old boys I am always trying to find ways to keep him busy and happy, particularly when we are out and about.


Easy Gift Giving April 30, 2011

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I’ve had an idea for a kid’s present going around in my head and finally had the chance to give it a go.  The two children of the lovely Donna have their birthdays close together and rather than giving more toys, I took the opportunity to try to get my idea together.

A while ago I bought some hamburger shaped bento boxes from an import store that was closing down.  I can’t quite remember how many I bought but there are a few.  They were cheap but lovely quality.

So I decided I needed to make a bag for the bento boxes to sit in which looked a bit like a paper bag from a well known fast food outlet. I made them out of a linen/ cotton blend fabric and just made it up as I went along.

I ended up with this:
Bento box bags

Gryff was the guinea pig but he loves his as much as the two lovely kids did today.  The bento boxes are not ideal for lunches as they don’t fit a sandwich easily but they are great for snacks and the kids like pulling them apart to see what is in the different layers.
Bento boxes
The whole process was fun. It was easy and quick and I think the kids really like them.  Watch out if your child is likely to get a present from me any time soon….


Noro Striped Scarf April 17, 2011

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This scarf is a really long time coming. I think I started it in May of last year. It was a really long, boring knit. One that made me question, on more than one occassion what possessed me to start it. One that made me beg (the much more level headed) Donna to ‘intervene’ if I ever suggested I would start another such ill-conceived project ever again. Still, I love all 7 foot of it and now it is done, I’m pretty pleased it is mine.
The pattern (such that it is) is on Ravelry and the yarn is Noro Yuzen. 4.5mm bamboo needles.
Noro SS