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Blogtoberfest guilt October 17, 2010

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It would have been great if I really had done a blog a day in Blogtoberfest, but life overtaking fantasy meant it was not to be.
Part of my problem in the last day or so is just nothing to blog about. But today, my mind was turned to a sticky question.
A (non sewing) friend of mine was in our downstairs play space the other day. Our play space is both the little boy’s and mine. We mix lego and Thomas trains with my sewing machine, fabric / yarn stash, notions, everything. She found a pin on the floor. She was HORRIFIED. How could I have been so careless? How dangerous was that? So … how dangerous was that? Really? I do admit to using Birch long dressmaking pins but my boy has never picked up a pin and stuffed it in his eye or his heart or punctured his ear drum. Most times he has found a pin and handed it back to me saying ‘mummys…’ ‘sharp..’ ‘more milk please…’ ‘ play thomas trains’ In that order.
Am I being a really bad mother? How many children have hurt themselves seriously with dressmaking pins?
I would appreciate your feedback, good or bad.


Blogtoberfest Kick Off October 1, 2010

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With all the football going on in Australia at present – an appropriate title I think.

I’ve been looking over my diaries and pictures over the last couple of months to pick out the highlight to kick off with. I have made lots of stuff – knitted, crocheted and particularly sewed up a storm. I’ve also made some pretty great meals for family and friends and also achieved quite a bit at work. But there has to be one thing that just tops the lot.

My boy was invited to a cowboy and indian party and the combination of making, borrowing and thrifting his costume was a real labour of love – particularly to see him enjoy playing the part so well. It was also a highlight because it was one of the first fancy dress birthday parties we have been to that he understood what it was all about. He played really well with the other children, sang happy birthday and had a really great time. It was a very fulfilling parenting experience.

What a start – bring on the rest of Blogtober.


I’m back September 30, 2010

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Firstly, apologies for a long absence.  No real excuse just got out of the habit of blogging and then thought I had to catch up all at once.  Not true.

Secondly, thanks to Curlypops and Tinniegirl for hosting Blogtoberfest.  When I saw what this was all about I knew it was just the incentive I needed to catch up a little bit at a time.  I have heaps of stuff I have been making, some photographed, some not, some I’m proud of, some less so.  But really, it is all important in some way – either because I am learning something new or just because I did it.

So I hope whoever you are reading this, you will forgive me and also hang with me this month to look back over the last little while and also enjoy the new things I am making.

BTW – I almost didn’t do this because I couldn’t get the button on the side of my blog design.  Does anybody know how to do this in WordPress? In this instance, their support sucks.

More tomorrow when it all kicks off.


Countdown to SIT May 10, 2010

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There hasn’t been much room in my brain for anything other than Sew It Together lately.  I head down to Melbourne on Friday morning and come back Sunday morning.  I am worried about spending time away from my boy but I am confident that even with all the worrying and missing and thinking about it, it will be bloody good for the both of us.

One of the really fun things I have been working on is for Snailblazer’s swap.  These are my Anti-bags.

They are the little bags that you take when you don’t want to take a bag.  Each of my swap partners will get a set of two antibags they can clip to their keys, their belt loops, to the handle of a pram or stroller or inside another bag.  The smaller ones are the size for a bit of cash and a credit card, the larger one will take a phone up to iphone size.  I could keep making these all day every day.

I hope they like them.

There are loads of other things being packed to take to Melbourne.  More soon.


Creative Boot Camp January 11, 2010

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The last few weeks have been truly lazy.  I think that this time of year calls for that and it is part of the natural cycle of life.  The house is cleaned only when it really needs it, dinners are less planned and a bit more relaxed, ironing?… can’t remember what ironing is…and a few more movies are watched.  Projects have been started and finished but in no particular order and whilst I have enjoyed this time, it doesn’t and shouldn’t last.

Now that I have shaken myself out of the slothful, lazy, holiday days I am feeling in need of some organising, planning, completing and clearing around. Hence, as of yesterday (and for no particular time) I am now in Creative Boot Camp.  Like the popular fitness program of the same name, this time will be a concentrated, disciplined, military style regime of activity, dieting, ridding myself of excess and an organised skills development and toning exercise.  It started yesterday with a good clean out of my creative space.  I ditched a few projects that were never going to happen, cleaned out my WIP drawers and made lists of what was going to be completed.  I returned notions to their correct place, tidied up patterns and half used balls of yarn, scraps of fabric and reorganised the cork board that is above my sewing machine.  It felt good! 

Today, I am setting goals and organising a realistic work program.  Like any good workout regime, I am starting within my limits, setting goals which are achieveable and within my skills range.  Next I will stretch myself to those projects that I have planned, but will require new skills and levels of mental fitness.  All the time, I will be dieting until I have made real progress and can feel a bit of movement around my creative waistline to indulge in one or two delicious morsels of fabric and yarn.  I will have ‘Sarge’, my alter ego, yelling in my ear about toughness, intestinal fortitude and discipline to remind me of my goals and I will be strict with myself until those goals have been reached. 

I wonder if I need to wear camo and put some black on my face?  Lets see how I go.