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The Year Long Challenge – not to buy fabric or yarn (yes you read that right!) August 17, 2012

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Like many crafters I have too much fabric and yarn.  I have more than:

  • I can use in the foreseeable future (but not a lifetime)
  • sits comfortably in the space allotted to it
  • is the limit at which my husband makes disparaging comments about my appearance on ‘Hoarders’ or some other such reality TV program. 

 I have always justified my stash by saying (and these excuses will be familiar to some):

  • The bills and mortgage have always been paid first
  • I don’t spend time on much else except work, looking after the family and contributing ‘sweat equity’ to our house and garden
  • I rarely buy clothes because I can make my own
  • I gain a lot of pleasure from having lovely fabrics and yarn around me.

But I still have to admit it. I have too much. 

So I recently tried to ‘destash’ some of it. I pulled out yarn and fabric that I didn’t really have a project for, it doubled up something else that I already had or I just didn’t really love.

That wasn’t very successful.  Unfortunately, for everything I have bought in the past, I can see what it was going to become which to be honest, is the allure of crafting in the first place.  Whilst I can still see that ‘something’, I found it very hard to move on.  I don’t consider this a character flaw, just the sort of person that I am.  To be fair on myself, there were a few things – fabric suitable for a child younger than mine would ever be again or that I had worked with but didn’t really enjoy anymore.  Yarn that was in too small lots to be anything other than a hat (and I don’t wear hats very often) or in a colour that I knew didn’t work for me.  

 So instead of giving up I started to think about what my aim was (to physically reduce the amount of fabric that I have on hand) and what I can do about it – to use it up (and not buy any more). 

So I have set myself a challenge.  A year without yarn or fabric.  A year to work with all the supplies that I have to make those things that I envisaged and to make space. Well, all the supplies except patterns and notions.  Those things I might need.  I don’t have an extensive pattern stash and I know that some of the things I will want to make, I don’t have a pattern for.  Zips and bias tape are things that I just don’t keep in my drawers, I have always bought them as I needed them. 

There – it is out there – I have to do it now!

It sounds like a long time and it probably is.  But I have cheated a bit. I’ve just had a trial month to see how it feels.  I’ve used that month to pull out those few pieces and skeins that I know I can get rid of and they won’t go back. They will be sold or donated in the next couple of weeks. 

The space I have for fabric and yarn

 I’ve also reorganised some of my space to ensure that my current project is worked on and finished before I can move on to the next and I’ve set my challenge as to how much space I will create by July 16th 2013.  

The space I want to clear by July 2013 – perhaps not by using all this fabric but making space elsewhere to put this away.

I’ve also pulled out some pieces of fabric that I’m excited to use and matched them with patterns that I already own as an added incentive to get stuck in.

my first stashbusting projects

 I hope you will come with me on this journey and follow me as I make things happen.  I aim to give you a weekly update so you can all keep me in check.

 What would your stashbusting tips be to help me through the year?


One Response to “The Year Long Challenge – not to buy fabric or yarn (yes you read that right!)”

  1. Donna Says:

    Well done for setting yourself the challenge. I am so looking forward to seeing what all of that fabric will become.

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