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I’m back – again! January 27, 2011

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I know I’ve said it before but I really am back this time. Back in the saddle, back in a routine (well soon…) and you know, back.

I have heaps of things to show you but one of the reasons I feel so… back… is that my little boy starts Kindergarten next week. 5 days a fortnight and an extra day with my Mum (thanks Mum). So to get him ready, I have been labelling uniforms (with the fabric I had printed by Spoonflower, with his name on it) and making a set of sheets (with sheet fabric and the fabric I had printed by Spoonflower). I let him choose the print fabric and between rockets and robots, he chose the robots.

sheets 02

In that little pack is a fitted sheet, a top sheet (with robot and name fabric) and a little pillow to which I added some raw edge applique robots.

sheets 01

It took me ages but was heaps of fun. He loves them.

Sorry about the crap photos, they were taken with my phone. I can’t find the lead for our camera!

More soon – I promise.


One Response to “I’m back – again!”

  1. Bronwyn Says:

    Hi Susie – have you been reading FB lately – not sure if you have been busy with the floods or not??? I don’t know if you have a got a bed at Sydney Rocks YHA or not – let me know or check FB quickly – I had posted a while ago for you to contact Juddie Boyd for a space in her room – go there quick cos people are advertising a space in Juddie’s room and I don’t think it is for you???? – also another person called Lara (from Thornberry) has some room as well. Let me know how you go!

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