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An amazing gift November 12, 2010

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We’re off on holiday for a week today which is sorely needed in this house. We haven’t had a proper week away for well over a year and with broken collar bones (little boy), broken bathrooms (house) and broken sanity (me), it has been far too long.

Anyway, I couldn’t leave without showing you the most amazing gift from the very talented Donna. You may have seen this post of hers and been amazed at her talent and creativity. You might also have thought “I wonder if she would trade my first born for just a little one of those?” Well I didn’t have to – the lovely Donna made me one of my own and for no good reason, gave it to me as a gift. How wonderful is that? She says it is because I sourced a few Golden Books for her and stood by her side during a particularly awkward demonstration at a craft show (I’ll let her tell that story if need be) but those small gestures did not add up to this:

It is so perfect, the little ladybug and the ship and the cat peeking on the edge of the wing.
Thank you Donna


4 Responses to “An amazing gift”

  1. donna Says:

    Your welcome. I am glad you love it,

  2. Bronwyn Says:

    Gorgeous! Love the pond and the cat! Love the ‘for’ ‘Susie’ too. I want to hear the awkard story!!

  3. Kayscha Says:

    How lovely! What a beautiful gift!

  4. Bronwyn Says:

    Susie – how are you? Everything ok up there?

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