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Out of my comfort zone October 30, 2010

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As you know, I’ve been a bit Thomas Track obsessed lately. Not only do we now own the critical mass of track (and bridges, stations, engines, tenders, boom gates, houses, trees and signals) to make the most awesome of tracks, my boy now has a broken collar bone which means that a lot of our regular daytime activities are out of bounds. We play trains and lego a lot.

The thing I have found is that if you build the track as it is shown on the box, life is sweet but if you want to free form it the way we do;
thomas track
you can end up with problems. Sometimes you end up with female to female track, sometimes male to male and the connectors that come with the Trackmaster sets to connect it to the Wooden Railway sets are just rubbish. For some strange reason, connectors are pretty hard to come by and they go for ridiculous money on the auction sites.

So I thought I could make some myself. I went to Bunnings to buy some wood. The very helpful staff could not help but laugh out loud – even calling over colleagues to share the joke. I continued. Cutting the wood and using my Dremel, I fashioned these.
thomas track
The ones on the left are the original pieces, mine are those on the right.
They’re not perfect, in fact they are pretty rough and ugly – but they work beautifully. I think I will need a few more but now I have given it a go and moved out of my comfort zone, it will be a piece of cake.


One Response to “Out of my comfort zone”

  1. Alison Says:

    Hi Susie, sorry to hear Gryff has hurt himself! Poor boy (and poor you…). You really are very clever with the connecting pieces – well done! Alison x

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