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Blogtoberfest guilt October 17, 2010

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It would have been great if I really had done a blog a day in Blogtoberfest, but life overtaking fantasy meant it was not to be.
Part of my problem in the last day or so is just nothing to blog about. But today, my mind was turned to a sticky question.
A (non sewing) friend of mine was in our downstairs play space the other day. Our play space is both the little boy’s and mine. We mix lego and Thomas trains with my sewing machine, fabric / yarn stash, notions, everything. She found a pin on the floor. She was HORRIFIED. How could I have been so careless? How dangerous was that? So … how dangerous was that? Really? I do admit to using Birch long dressmaking pins but my boy has never picked up a pin and stuffed it in his eye or his heart or punctured his ear drum. Most times he has found a pin and handed it back to me saying ‘mummys…’ ‘sharp..’ ‘more milk please…’ ‘ play thomas trains’ In that order.
Am I being a really bad mother? How many children have hurt themselves seriously with dressmaking pins?
I would appreciate your feedback, good or bad.


4 Responses to “Blogtoberfest guilt”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    No, you are not being a bad mother. Gryff is definitely of an age where he can deal with a pin!

    Maybe if you letting a little baby crawl around in pins, she might have a reason to be horrified, but I think it was an overreaction, for sure.

    I think there are worse things to be found in an average backyard than a pin, and we let our kids play out there, right?

    (PS I had lunch yesterday with a friend who has a friend who is a social worker. Next time you think you are a bad mother, ask yourself when was the last time you deliberately poured hot liquid over your child. That’s what a bad mother does. Go easy on yourself, you’re an amazing mother).

  2. Bronwyn Says:

    Susie – I wouldn’t worry about it! There are so many dangers and possibilities of dangers for a kid – lego could be inhaled…stepped on…digested…….train set tripped over…limbs flying everywhere….furniture bumped into…pencils and crayon stabbing…..even paper cuts!!! Can you tell I’m being a little bit silly? Yes, a pin maybe not be the safest ‘toy’ to play with, but just put it down to experience – next time Horrified comes over, do a little reconnaissance over the toy floor before she comes (employ Son to look too – make a game out of it).

  3. donna Says:

    Oh dear. my first thought would be not to invite her over again!!!

    Seriously a pin is no worse than a stray nail or screw lost in the shed and certainly a lot less annoying and painful than a splinter.

    I would politely say sorry, I trust Gryff and he is old enough to act responsibly around my sewing supplies.

    • Em Says:

      I totally agree with you Susie. I just can’t imagine any injury that could be that bad from a pin.

      BUT my husband absolutely freaks out about it. He’s very unrational about it when he finds one and I just don’t get it.

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