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Ooops… I missed a day October 8, 2010

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But nobody noticed did they?
I’ve had a few fabulous op shop finds lately that I thought I should share. Apart from an additional number of vintage sheets that I don’t need, some Golden Books that I have no real use for (except to read the fabulous little stories to my boy) and some other knic-knacks that I have no space for, I have found a few really good things.
I think I have already mentioned a collection of feet for my overlocker. They are fantastic and I am just so lucky that they fit my machine. I am getting quite good with the gathering foot and the elastic gathering foot.
I also found this handy dandy little sewing machine – all complete and in perfect working order. It was very useful when I needed to sew up a few stitches on some curtains that I didn’t want to have to take down and try to wrestle around my sewing machine.
cute toy
But I think today’s find gave me the most pleasure.
Beneath the misleading decrepit box, the set was complete. And there were a couple of extra engines thrown in for good measure.
It was $10. For anybody who knows anything about Thomas, that is just fantastic.
I have collected Thomas track, engines and compatible bits and pieces for the past 18 months or so. Picking up bits as I see them on sale or in op shops and so we now have a pretty good collection. The little boy is just getting to the age where he can really enjoy them. It is very satisfying.


4 Responses to “Ooops… I missed a day”

  1. Sheridan Says:

    I would have tackled you in an op-shop for both of those.

    Great finds!

  2. Susan L Says:

    Missing a day is ok … it’s not a competition.
    Happy Blogtoberfest.
    My blog

  3. Cass Ward Says:

    Great score on the Thomas well done

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