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Day 5 – Crash October 5, 2010

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One of the stories I had planned on telling you about these past months was my new found love / obsession with sewing the perfect t-shirt type top. It started with a flirting interest with using my overlocker (serger) to its full potential and investing in a few cheap metres of knit fabric. I used a pattern from one of my favourite shirts and just winged it really. It has been fun. And very successful. I now have eight new shirts in my wardrobe and a real understanding of stretch fabrics, differential feed and twin needles. I moved back to woven cottons and remade the pattern to suit and then found some lovely light voiles to play with. Throw in to that story an amazing opshop find of a set of overlocking feet (gathering, elastic gathering and several piping feet) which have sparked my imagination about what is possible.
Until last night.
I had planned out a shirt in my head, written a few notes and when I had a bit of time in the evening, cut out the fabric and started work. A Complete Disaster.
The fabric didn’t work, the idea wasn’t thought through. Half way through, trying to fudge and compensate, I knew that although the idea is still probably sound, it really needed more work. I was discouraged, I felt crummy.
Nice fabric, precious sewing hours – all wasted. I could probably make something out of the awful mess that I made but that would waste more time and negative energy.
Until this morning. I picked it up and thought about the waste. I realised that the $3 worth of fabric and the two hours spent were really well spent to learn and discover the things you know about sewing not by reading but by doing. It was valuable. It was enriching. It made me feel good about what I do. Trying something, sometimes failing. Other times possibly triumphing. But sometimes failing.
And so to end on a bright note, my journey tonight.
Finishing a lovely Amy Butler pattern ready for a visit with the lovely Donna tomorrow.
AB Tunic
Sewing in ends on my own little creation which fits me beautifully and which I might wear tomorrow to make the above mentioned Donna very jealous.


3 Responses to “Day 5 – Crash”

  1. Alison Says:

    Hi Susie! I was beginning to wonder where you had got to! I love your Amy Butler top, very pretty! And all your other creations too. I hope you are well. Gryff is getting so big! Alison x

    • yarnplanner Says:

      Yes, I’m back and how are you? Lovely to hear from you. Are you getting big as well? Would love to hear about your creations – yarn and otherwise.


      • Alison Says:

        Hi Susie, my non-yarn ‘creation’ is going well, due in Jan so a few weeks to go yet although I am already feeling rather large! I was a bit slack on the crochet for a while but just finished a topsy turvy doll for Ellie’s birthday and about to start on some promised Christmas presents. (promised last Christmas, hopefully made for this one!). Hope you are well, Alison

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