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A little blankie October 4, 2010

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During my blogging sabatical, I put together a little quilt. The process was more important than the actual finished article and I wanted to get it together quickly. The point was that, even though I have made lots and lots of quilt blocks, I had never put together a full quilt. I needed to sandwich, baste, quilt and bind. I picked up a little cot sized panel and some polar fleece for the back and set to. I made loads of mistakes but it was a really valuable learning experience.
a little quilt
I learned a lot about myself.
1. I don’t really like machine quilting – I found following lots of lines and sewing straight very dull.
2. I LOVE hand quilting
3. I can follow instructions to sew on binding but not when it comes to hand sewing the binding down but who cares?
4. I have un-natural feelings for inanimate objects. I love this little quilt and cuddle it regularly.
My little boy uses this little quilt a lot – he pulls it out to sit under while watching tele and often puts it on top of his doona if he feels like it.
I really need to get on and put my other blocks together to make a ‘proper’ quilt.

Day 4, Blogtoberfest – I’m doing pretty well.


2 Responses to “A little blankie”

  1. Gail C Says:

    I never enjoyed quilting on my sewing machine but now have a friend with a long arm quilting machine and that makes it so much more fun.

    Fellow blogtoberfest participant here and a first timer to your blog. Am hoping to get around to all the blogs this month. would love you to visit mine



  2. Lauren Says:

    Oh that looks lovely! Must be a very satisfying feeling 🙂

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