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Rainy day blues October 3, 2010

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Rain seems to be all we have been able to enjoy here in (usually) sunny BrisVegas.  It has been wet for at least a week and will be wet for at least a week more.  We all talk about how it is great to have the dams full and our gardens watered but I am over it.  Lets hope we get some sunny breaks soon just so I can get some washing out.

So with nothing really to report about today except the fantastic Jamie Oliver Cauliflower and Stilton soup I made for dinner (sorry it’s not on the website but in his magazine annual), it is time to delve back in to the archives and show you some of the things I have been making.

Today’s special craft is embroidery.  I caught the bug at Sew It Together in May and have been carrying around a few little projects since.  Here is a little pillow case I did after I discovered Sashiko at the Textile Arts fair in late June this year.


The actual stitching only took an evening but the design and make up a few extra days. It sits on that little antique sofa at the end of our bed and it makes me smile each time I see it.
The other little treasure I have is a bookmark I put together. The paper is papyrus I picked up in Egypt when I there in 2001 and the thread is crochet cotton I was playing with. I backed it with some natural linen. It is wider than most bookmarks but it works well for me. I really enjoyed using this traditional paper even though it was tricky at times. Next time I will back the paper with a stabiliser before starting. The design was freeform.



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