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Blogtoberfest Kick Off October 1, 2010

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With all the football going on in Australia at present – an appropriate title I think.

I’ve been looking over my diaries and pictures over the last couple of months to pick out the highlight to kick off with. I have made lots of stuff – knitted, crocheted and particularly sewed up a storm. I’ve also made some pretty great meals for family and friends and also achieved quite a bit at work. But there has to be one thing that just tops the lot.

My boy was invited to a cowboy and indian party and the combination of making, borrowing and thrifting his costume was a real labour of love – particularly to see him enjoy playing the part so well. It was also a highlight because it was one of the first fancy dress birthday parties we have been to that he understood what it was all about. He played really well with the other children, sang happy birthday and had a really great time. It was a very fulfilling parenting experience.

What a start – bring on the rest of Blogtober.


One Response to “Blogtoberfest Kick Off”

  1. Bronwyn Says:

    Nice to see you back Susie!! Who won – cowboys or indians!!

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