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I’m back September 30, 2010

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Firstly, apologies for a long absence.  No real excuse just got out of the habit of blogging and then thought I had to catch up all at once.  Not true.

Secondly, thanks to Curlypops and Tinniegirl for hosting Blogtoberfest.  When I saw what this was all about I knew it was just the incentive I needed to catch up a little bit at a time.  I have heaps of stuff I have been making, some photographed, some not, some I’m proud of, some less so.  But really, it is all important in some way – either because I am learning something new or just because I did it.

So I hope whoever you are reading this, you will forgive me and also hang with me this month to look back over the last little while and also enjoy the new things I am making.

BTW – I almost didn’t do this because I couldn’t get the button on the side of my blog design.  Does anybody know how to do this in WordPress? In this instance, their support sucks.

More tomorrow when it all kicks off.


One Response to “I’m back”

  1. {tinniegirl} Says:

    Glad you decided to join in. Sorry I don’t know how to help with the blog button in wordpress. Have you tried searching their forums or help for “how to add a button or a gadget to my blog” You might get something come up that way.

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