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My Creative Space June 9, 2010

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I’ve never done my creative space before because it has always been a bit of a sorry affair, but a few things have come together lately to make my little corner seem much more like a creative space and less like a messy corner.

Since moving into our new house over 6 months ago now, my creative space has been developing.  Not fast, not as a high priority but at a nice pace.  I first decided that my space would be in the large open downstairs part of our house, rather than upstairs in a spare bedroom.  I’m pleased with this decision because this part of the house is the ‘messy’ bit and so I can be messy alongside the toys, the casual television watching and the laundry.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t get a lot of natural light but I do most of my crafting in the evening anyway.

The small high table was already there and so right from the beginning I decided it would be my little cutting table.  For big cutting I use the floor or the kitchen island upstairs.  It is at a good height for fiddling with stuff at the machine.  It also has those bits and pieces you want to have at your fingertips.  So with that decision made, my creative space has revolved around it.  My sewing table is an old desk I inherited from my 13 year old nephew.  It has football stickers all over it but is just wide enough to take my machine and my overlocker and keep my sharp things away from my own little boy.  I also pop the ironing board under it when not in use which keeps things pretty tidy.  You may notice that I use a bar stool to sit on – I found, quite by accident that I sew ‘so’ much better if I am up over the work, rather than having it at eye level.  One of those happy accidents.  Underneath my high table is a blanket box that now houses my ridiculously large collection of vintage sheets.  In the past year I have collected about 60 of them and have enjoyed the process of photographing and cataloging them.  How daft is that.

Another recent addition is a set of IKEA book racks.  An obvious and popular choice for crafters as the little cubby holes are deep and wide.  When I first suggested getting one of these to my husband he exclaimed ‘but you will only get more stuff!’.  He was right – we found this nearly half price in the ‘as is’ section of IKEA and the money I saved was spent buying fabric in Melbourne during SIT.  Still, now all my yarn and fabric are all in the same place which is wonderful.  They are not quite sorted yet, but that will happen soon.

The most recent addition is this lovely little cupboard which was given away recently by the fabulous Thea from Thea and Sami.  She advertised it as ‘free to a good home’ and within 24 hours it was mine.  It currently houses all my WIPs and since I got them all together in the one place, I realise I have far too many.  It seems I had been squirrelling them away with all sorts of justified reasons in my head, but now they are all together, I have developed a system for moving them along, frogging, unpicking or just abandoning.  A very cleansing process.  I’m looking forward when this cupboard just holds 2 or 3 WIPs and I can use it as a holding ground for projects that I want to get started on.  On top of these cupboards should only be the project I am working on ‘right now’, library books for browsing and the ‘Donna Pile’ – never ending pile of stuff that travels between Donna’s house and mine.  Next to that is another old set of drawers which now contains all my knitting needles, empty project bags, dyes, other crafting materials, drawing pencils and implements that belonged to my father (who was a draftsman).  The top of these drawers is to be kept clear.  My high work surface had also become a dumping ground for unopened mail, toys for mending, crockery and glasses that needed to go to the kitchen upstairs and other such cluttery items which are now banished to another part of the room.

I was lucky enough to have the rather ugly but very functional cork tiling on the walls so I hang up stuff that I just might need but want to keep out of the way.  Yes, it does make the room look messy but until I find a better system, it works for me.   So there it is… I love my creative space because my boy can play on the floor or watching TV just metres away and I can pick up a little project (when he lets me) and just get a bit done.

Thanks Kirsty for hosting and making me feel welcome.


2 Responses to “My Creative Space”

  1. Thea S Says:

    Oh, it’s nice to see the cupboard being put to good use. You can always pay the cork so it looks “prettier” but remains functional.

  2. Annie Says:

    I LOVE the cork/pin it on the wall system. That type of system works for me too. I love seeing people’s work spaces – yours is coming together nicely.

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