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More Linen May 25, 2010

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Fortunately for my bank balance, not fabric this time.  I went to visit my sister for her birthday on Saturday at Sherwood  and dropped in to Threads and More.  I really could not find one skein or ball of yarn that I liked until I found some of Linen / Cotton / Silk blend.  It is in a sport weight and quite stringy but I can’t wait to crochet some little flowers which I will then sew on to my linen.  I have ordered a couple of Nicky Epstein books from the library to get some inspiration for flowers and edges which I think would also look nice on my linens.

So when will this all end?


2 Responses to “More Linen”

  1. I’m always too intimidated going into Threads and More (since I live in the next suburb). Their yarn is so nice that I’m afraid I’ll ruin it by stuffing up whatever I make with it. I’ll just keep practising with my cheap yarn to get my confidence up!

    • yarnplanner Says:

      I agree that Threads and More can be a bit intimidating because of all the choices and because sometimes the staff can be a bit snooty. However, I’ve just looked at your blog and all your stuff is so lovely, I bet you would do anything justice!

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