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Embroidery journey continues May 21, 2010

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Yes, who would have thought that this journey would continue.  I never saw myself as a hand sewer because I am rarely good at the ‘fiddly bits’ but I am really enjoying this challenge.

I have struggled to find some simple yet interesting little projects to undertake but I did find this lovely free pattern from Wee Wonderfuls.  I made their Wee Bunny some time ago and the boy still goes to him for a cuddle.  So here is my little Wee Bear (I used Perle Cotton No: 12 and a linen/cotton blend fabric)

I’m pleased with the fabric and thread choice and even reasonable pleased with the embroidery.  I’m not pleased with the shape of the finished item, how it puckers and how the leg I turned it out through is a bit ‘gammy’.  If I did it over again, I would just make it a rectangle.  As it is, I’m not really sure what it could be – its a bit small for a toy.  Anyway, I think I will pull the stuffing out, fill it with some lovely lavender and put it in my knickers drawer.  How cute would it be peeking out through my unmentionables?

I know what I want to try next embroidery wise (white Perle Cotton No: 8 on a charcoal grey linen) but I have to find a pattern for something to make it in to.  FUN!


2 Responses to “Embroidery journey continues”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    Oh my, there is no stopping you now!!

    I’m having a giggle at the thought of your bear poking out of your underwear…..

    He’s very cute. I’m loving your ‘thing’ for linen!

  2. 2smalldrawers Says:

    Oh I love this! I think the shape turned out pretty good.. it gives it a more homey feel 🙂 I did a similar embroidery project last summer, this reminded me to put up pictures soon!

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