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SIT Inspiration May 18, 2010

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There is no doubt over then next little while, I will be referring to SIT a lot!  The weekend brought many thoughts and threads together in my head and I’m now in the place that I have to make sense of it all.

One of my aims during the weekend was to overcome my fear of hand sewing.  Not only do I struggle to sew a button on, I could never embroider, applique or even hand sew up an opening after turning out anything that had a lining.  So I took a few supplies (a hoop, some calico, some rubbish needles and some floss) and sat next to some fabulous ladies that were sewing.  My big thanks goes to Jan who put me on the right track by lending me (and later giving me) a No: 7 Birch Embroidery needle.  Changed my life.

So I learned to sew? Why is this so interesting (who am I kidding)?  Just stay with me a bit longer.

One of my other aims during the weekend was to discover what type of  ‘style’ I really love and focusing in on the fabric and the look of that style.  Sounds daft I know, but imagine you had never worn clothes before – and were sent out to buy some.  What type of clothes would you buy?  Classic, trendy, cute, goth?  Thats a bit how I have felt over the past 18 months since the time that I owned no fabric at all to now when I own A LOT.  I don’t think that I have made many bad fabric choices in the past and if I have, they were probably pretty inexpensive choices.  I just haven’t created a feel in my fabrics that allows me to draw on a pallette of colours and patterns that is particularly mine.  Until now! It all seemed to come together at SIT.   Being exposed to such a great range of fabrics in the stores as well as all the great work that the girls were doing on Saturday really focused my mind.  And what is the magic outcome I hear you ask!

LINEN.  One word. Many fabrics.

So I am now stuck on linen – japanese prints, great Australian printers, lovely solids. Lots more to discover out there.

So last night, my first real night at home, I put the two together and did this:

The linen is from Lincraft and the thread I bought at Amitie.

There was no pattern (duh!).

cute huh!

Today I turned that into this:

thanks to Nikki’s free purse pattern that goes with the flex frames I bought from her months ago which she reminded me about on Friday night.

How is that for a truly SIT experience. Inspirational?  You bet.


6 Responses to “SIT Inspiration”

  1. Cass Ward Says:

    Well done. I think you’re brave using the flex frames

  2. chaletgirl Says:

    Oh look at you go!!!! I am so impressed!!! That is so beautiful!

    And no pattern??

    I have been doing embroidery since I was about Emmeline’s age and I would struggle to make something as gorgeous as this.

    I am so, SO excited that SIT has inspired you. I might just go and have a little cry now…..

  3. Esther Says:

    wow, great to see the motivation carrying through into new projects! It was such a great day.

  4. yarnplanner Says:

    The day was made a little bit better with the presence of your beautiful baby girl, what a joy to see her happy and smiling throughout the WHOLE day. We just loved having her there.

  5. Donna Says:

    It looks fantastic and I am glad your niche – linen is very you.

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