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Back From SIT May 16, 2010

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If it has been really quiet in blogland this weekend it is because all the clever bloggers were in Melbourne for SIT. I’ve just got back to my somewhat bewildered husband (he still doesn’t get it and I think he is a bit shell shocked at being the primary carer for more than 3 hours at a time) and beautiful boy feeling on top of the world.  What a great weekend, thanks to the fabulous organisation of Sheridan and her able sidekick Donna, who seems to have been able to find the best of everything for us to enjoy.

There is so much more to rave about – the fabulous shopping trip, dropping in to see the lovely girls at Ink and Spindle, a drinky thing with the very kind Nikki, the full day of crafting, fun and sharing on Saturday, not to mention the beautiful dinner and great hotel.

For now though, tired,  not yet unpacked and a house that looks like … well, don’t even bother what my house looks like, this is what it was about for me – friendship – with people I know and people I didn’t know, but do now.

Me, Donna and Sheridan.


4 Responses to “Back From SIT”

  1. pinkfishbluefish Says:

    It was so good to meet you Susie, and travel down with you. Hope you’re recovering today! After a delayed flight and a long drive home in the middle of the night, I’m off for a nana nap now while the kids are at school! Renae

  2. Susan L Says:

    It was a pleasure meeting you and everybody else. I had a blast.

  3. Susan L Says:

    PS And I forgot to add thank you so much for the swap … I love the little baggies and I’ve already used one today.

  4. Jacinta Says:

    Hi Susie
    nice to meet you on the weekend. Looks like dinner on Saturday night was lots of fun. Will have to go to it next year!
    Cheers, jacinta

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