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More FO’s May 10, 2010

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I know that my blogging has been less than regular lately but I am trying really.  Part of my problem is that if I can’t easily take and transfer my pictures it all seems too hard.  When I get together with all the very clever bloggers at Sew It Together this weekend, that will be one of the questions I will be asking… How do you blog really regularly?  Anyway.. I have been busy and have been making some lovely things.  Here is a vintage cape that I found through Ravelry.  I love the construction of this and grabbed some BWM 8 ply Rustic in Damson because I had about the right amount in my stash.  It has worked out really nice and quite striking.  Perhaps too striking for wearing to the playground but I could see myself wearing it in the evening as something a bit different.  A big thank you to iKnitt for putting it up on her blog to keep the pattern alive.

I have also been working on Boneyard – a Stephen West design which is really simple but very nice.  I used the Jo Sharp Silkroad Tweed DK that my sister bought me for Christmas and went up a needle size to create a very drapey shawl.  This is the one I put on first thing in the morning to keep my shoulder warm now that the nights are a bit cooler her is Brissy.  I love it.  I decided not to block it but I have been wearing it so much, I think it might need a bit of a wash soon.  Ah well.

Yep that’s me, still in my jammies.  No pride really.


2 Responses to “More FO’s”

  1. donna Says:

    I love the cape. It is awesome.
    You have to take it and wear it to Melbourne. I can’t think of a better opportunity.
    We will chat tomorrow about wardrobe choices so we don’t clash!!

  2. Maryqe Says:

    Another informative post. This is a very nice blog that I will definitively come back to several more times this year!

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