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Countdown to SIT May 10, 2010

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There hasn’t been much room in my brain for anything other than Sew It Together lately.  I head down to Melbourne on Friday morning and come back Sunday morning.  I am worried about spending time away from my boy but I am confident that even with all the worrying and missing and thinking about it, it will be bloody good for the both of us.

One of the really fun things I have been working on is for Snailblazer’s swap.  These are my Anti-bags.

They are the little bags that you take when you don’t want to take a bag.  Each of my swap partners will get a set of two antibags they can clip to their keys, their belt loops, to the handle of a pram or stroller or inside another bag.  The smaller ones are the size for a bit of cash and a credit card, the larger one will take a phone up to iphone size.  I could keep making these all day every day.

I hope they like them.

There are loads of other things being packed to take to Melbourne.  More soon.


One Response to “Countdown to SIT”

  1. donna Says:

    They look great. Fantastic idea.

    I don’t know how you can just have carry on. It is just totally beyond my skill set to pack light.

    BTW. Don’t forget to give me things tomorrow that you want me to take down.

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