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A special day May 1, 2010

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Its not unusual to think that a vege garden is a special thing to have in a home.  Especially when you have little ones.  The connection with nature, seeing things grow, understanding where food comes from are all part of an experience which is idolised across the country.  Still, when it happens to you, it becomes personal.

When we moved in to this house, it had a garden perfect for a vege garden.  I even planted a few things and watched them grow.  But the soil was in poor condition, clay based and hard and the plants really suffered from a strong western sun.  I explained this to my fantastic parents and they offered to come and help build a new vege garden on the same spot.  Raised to save my back and deep enough to ensure that the roots of the widdle seedlings were able to keep cool in that harsh sun.  I took them up on the offer and down they came for the most amazing working bee.  Fortified with tea, good food and beer, within a day we had transformed this


to this


which a day later is now this

with widdle seedlings

All sorts of stuff is growing.  I can hear it.  I bought a few seedlings to get things off to a flying start but really favour seeds I have either collected myself or non hybrid, traditional, heirloom varieties which I am hoping will remind us of the real taste of tomatoes, peas and cabbage.  All good stuff.

Yes, it is a cliche and yes, its been ‘done to death’ but there really isn’t anything as satisfying.  Particularly when it has been such a family effort and therefore so very, very special.  I really will treasure this garden and everything that comes out of it.


3 Responses to “A special day”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    Very special indeed. What a great job you have all done. I’m really envious. Would love one too.

  2. Alison Says:

    Hi Susie, it looks fantastic! We have a bit of a vege garden, and while we have had LOTS of failures, there’s nothing quite like picking the successes out and having them for dinner! The kids love it. We have been picking heirloom carrots recently and they think the purple carrots are hilarious! Best of luck with it, Alison x

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