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Slack, slack, slack April 16, 2010

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I know I have been and there is just no excuse.  I have sooo much to catch up on, I will just have to take it one step at a time.

My daggy jumper is a real hit.

not so daggy really!

Yes, that’s me with wet hair and a messy bedroom.  Still, the jumper is great.  I started out with a yarn crisis when I just couldn’t make my first choice yarn work but this is just fabulous.  I love the yarn (not even sure what it is, I bought it at Wangaratta Mill some time ago), love the colours and love the fit.

The pattern of course is not called the Daggy Jumper, Donna and I just called it that for laughs.  She now has two and hers are lovely too.  We knitted together on this one and again it was really fun. The pattern is really Jo Sharp Loose Textured Sweater (Rav link) knitted on size 9.0mm needles!

Lots going on.  More soon.


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