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New fabric February 24, 2010

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I don’t often blog about my fabric buys because they are usually pretty ordinary and nothing particularly special.  Except today.  Today, the most delightful, special and warming package arrived from Japan.  Through, Rae, I discovered the lovely Diane at Strawberries and Sushi.  I was attracted to her fantastic offer of free shipping initially but then I just couldn’t help buying her lovely fabrics.  Here are just three of them:

Cute little lambs – I just keep singing the Shaun the Sheep song when I see this

Fantastic double sided fabric for my boy – I’ve never seen double sided fabric before!

and more boy fabric!

The package arrived super fast, was beautifully wrapped and even had a hand written note.

Well done Diane – a very happy, happy customer.  Thanks again.


2 Responses to “New fabric”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    Gorgeous fabrics! I am intrigued by the double sided fabric!

  2. donna Says:

    They do look awesome. Good boy fabric is hard to find.

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