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my antibag February 19, 2010

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Following the recent post of the trinket pockets for my boy, I thought I would reveal the ‘antibag’ which has become my constant companion.  As a mum of a 2.5 year old boy who loves to run, I find myself needing to be pretty ‘hands free’ when I undertake any activity outside the house.  I need one hand to hold on to him, firmly, and the other to do everything else.  I also find that throughout the morning (or afternoon), I need different things at different times.  At the supermarket, I need my phone and a bank card, at the park I need my phone and my camera, then we might go for a swim and I need some money and a comb etc, etc… you get the picture.  Hence, the antibag has been born.  It is just a sling with a large carabiner, from which hangs all the other little pockets which I keep in a larger pocket in the car.  This little collection is (from left to right), a pocket for bank card and a bit of cash, a pocket for my camera, a pocket for my trusty Iphone and a slightly larger pocket for lip balm, a comb and yes, a little bit of make up.  The great thing is I just  mix and match the pockets for whatever I need and I keep them on my hip with the strap going across my body.  Easy peasy.  What I need, only when I need it, no hands and to be honest, what seems to be a simpler way of organising my stuff because I’m not carrying around stuff I don’t need.  I have had lots of comments, especially from those nice people at IKEA where I bought the fabric.

I still have a few more to make, for sunglasses and such and some modifications to sort out. But it works, really it does.


5 Responses to “my antibag”

  1. Diane Says:

    What a great idea! I also saw the little boy version, but never thought of making some for myself…
    My little boy is almost 2 and also loves to run around, so I understand the need for a hands-free ‘bag’. I think I may have found something else to add to my To Do list…

  2. donna Says:

    Have you made the phone one yet?

  3. […] One of the really fun things I have been working on is for Snailblazer’s swap.  These are my Anti-bags. […]

  4. […] Susie, a lovely, soft, little scarf lined with Heather Ross fishies! And some anti-bags which are just so handy and cool to hang on my pram! Thank you, Susie! These are also getting used […]

  5. whatktmadenext Says:

    I went for a picnic yesterday and my keys and phone and things just disappeared to the bottom of my bag which was a total pain when I was trying to find them. I remembered reading about anti-bags somewhere and by the power of google, here I am. Thanks for the idea – these are heading to the top of my todo list!

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