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Little boy pockets February 12, 2010

Filed under: fabric,Gryff,sewing — yarnplanner @ 3:14 pm

I have been making little pockets for things for some time, usually for make up, phones, a little pouch to carry a bank card and a bit of cash. All things that you need to carry with you but you want to be hands free and hand bag free. Imagine how excited I was when, thanks to boys month at Made by Rae, I saw that Amazing Mae had enhanced the concept and applied it to her boys – she even added a tutorial for those that haven’t done it before. I have a small boy who loves to take his cars, planes, trains with him everywhere and she inspired me to make a ‘boy’ version straight away. I had already done some machine embroidery on some calico so it was fun to make it into a pocket to carry his matchbox cars in. I also made one to carrry my phone but wished I had gone back to the big eyelet construction. The little snap is just too fiddly. What I really like about these pockets is that when you clip them to your belt or keys, it keeps stuff together as well as freeing up your hands. And you don’t feel like your going to drop everything at any moment.


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