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His fleecyness February 8, 2010

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Lincraft are having a half price fabric sale. Normally, I don’t bother with their fabrics. I think they are very ordinary and overpriced. However, at half price, you have to find something to interest. I found polar fleece today and at $5m (150cm width) you just can’t go wrong. Using some of my boy’s existing clothes I traced out a pattern and then put this together this evening. I have left the bottom hem so that I can make sure it is long enough for him when the time comes to wear it.

All together, it used about $1 worth of the fabric and a zip that I picked up in a pack of 10 from the Red Cross. I think the pack cost me $1. Not that it is the money that matters. I like this little vest and as we can only hope that there is cooler weather coming, it is about the right time to be getting a few little things like this in the closet. Brisbane weather being what it is, these little things are perfect for even the middle of winter. A long sleeved T-shirt and a vest is all he needs.

It might be a while before I can get him to model it. Forecast is hot again tomorrow.

I will do a few things differently next time – make the neck and arm seams a bit more generous and perhaps add a collar. More to come – the sale doesn’t end until Sunday.

ETA photo – it fits perfectly!


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