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A really hard block January 29, 2010

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Lynn from the Around the Block group set a challenge that I found very hard.  Zig zag blocks.  I have struggled over this block for nearly 2 months and to any experienced quilter the block is probably pretty ordinary and has its obvious faults but now, at the end, I am very pleased with the result and very pleased with the journey it has taken me on.

By making this block I have learned so much about block construction and sizing, working with fabric on the bias and with a variety of fabrics.  The main lesson I learned was to think ‘outside the square’ and not to give up to any sort of ‘that will do’ approach.  Sure, I struggled and at times got very frustrated when I couldn’t make it come together but after I cleared my head and allowed that little light bulb to come on…. I felt the true creative process cool me like a sparkling mineral water on a hot day.

Thanks to Lynn for setting the challenge and for being so patient for this very overdue block.  Sorry there isn’t two but I wouldn’t really want to push my luck.


3 Responses to “A really hard block”

  1. thornberry Says:

    The block was worth the wait – it looks terrific. You should be very pleased with yourself. This quilting bee is quite a challenge, isn’t it! I’m certainly learning heaps.

  2. chaletgirl Says:

    It does look great! Good on you, Susie! Pushing yourself is hard, but you should be really proud of what you have made. Well done.

  3. Lynn Says:

    It looks fantastic! I’m glad you took on the challenge in a positive light. It definitely paid off, I absolutely love it!

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