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I Knit January 28, 2010

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… and therefore I am?
Today, I attended a planning day for my Division, within the Queensland Government. I only work part time, and only part of my part time is in the office (the rest is work-at-home thanks to our very family friendly policies). I really enjoyed the day because, being part time, I rarely get the chance to see the bigger picture of the work we are doing and when the big picture used to be my whole life, that can be challenging.
Anyway, the day was run by an organisational psychologist and to start with he asked us all to introduce ourselves, say what we did within the organisation and reveal something that others would not know about us.
This is a talented, dedicated, senior group of people. These are people who consider themselves real public servants… people whose job it is to ‘serve the public’. This is a team. As you can expect, the men chose to reveal that they (for example) had represented Australia playing Rugby in one case and Cricket in another, had been a Grade One Basketball coach or had run large not-for-profit organisations in their ‘spare’ time. The women were less predictable.. one liked to fish with her Dad, one was a twin and another started her career on a sheep station in the most remote part of Western Queensland.
I thought really hard. Would I reveal past glory days as a pretty handy competitive runner, my past passion and knowledge of Moto Guzzi motorbikes or my less than orthodox wedding in Las Vegas?
No, I thought, I’m going to live in the ‘here and now’ and reveal something of who I am today… so boldly I said…. “I knit… I am passionately obsessive about knitting… barking mad for it.”
You’d have thought that a polite nod and silence would have followed. Next.

I was more than taken by surprise when the psychologist then started to explain that recent studies have shown that ‘knitters’ are the most consumate multi-taskers that a recent study could identify. Apparently, no other ‘group’ could do an activity, watch television and have a conversation all at the same time. They also have lower stress levels and are more highly dexterous than the general population (no surprise there!).
The rest of my day has been spent in coffee breaks and lunch times either (1) explaining what I knit (2) hearing stories about other peoples experience of knitting (or in one case, her husband’s) (3) asking questions about knitted items or (4) hearing nostaligic memories of Gran, Great Aunt Hilda and of course, Mums knitted jumpers.

No body asked the Rugby player about the game against Argentina at Ballymore.

Just goes to show…..


2 Responses to “I Knit”

  1. donna Says:

    and another bonus about knitting – you can make some great friends.

  2. Alison Says:

    Hi Susie, how are you? I wonder if the same skill-set belongs to crocheters or if I have to learn to knit… I am really glad to have entered the world of crafting on some level, like Donna says, you can meet some lovely people! Hope you are well.

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