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This weeks achievements January 17, 2010

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This has been a busy week for me, with really not enough time at home to achieve what I really wanted to get done.  I am a bit behind in my ‘Around the Block‘  blocks and really need to get them done but most of my crafting was done away from home this week.

I was able to finish my second pair of French Press Slippers (Rav Link).  They are not as good as the first so these will actually become my pair.  The other pair just might be gifted as I have no idea why on earth I would want 2 pairs. These were made with Moda Vera Mousse (a wool, bamboo blend) and they felted very nicely in my Mums top loader.  The yarn was a bit chunkier than the Cascade 220 and the results follow.

More importantly, I have been preparing for my next couple of projects by dyeing some yarn.  I overdyed some Moda Vera Socks for a Noosa Shawl (eggplant and light electric blue) and overdyed some Bella Baby Sugar in Lavender for my Daybreak (red, purple, blue) last night. The bright red / purple / blue will be paired with a navy blue solid yarn.   I am very pleased with the Noosa Shawl effort (although there is more light blue than in the photo) and will reserve judgement on the Daybreak combo until after I have knitted a bit.   For the Noosa Shawl, I used the KoolAid Donna gave me last year for Christmas (the light blue Rasberry) and then overdyed in a light eggplanty purple. I think it will look nice – because it was going over that variagated brown sock yarn, there is quite a lot of different shades. Pleased that more stash yarn is being used.

It feels good to use stash yarn and be happy doing it.

I am four repeats off finishing my Saroyan… feeling that excitement you get when a project is nearly done but you are loving it so much, you don’t want to finish.  It will be lovely to post a picture soon.  I am already thinking about how I would make this project again.


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