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More gaps October 20, 2009

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It has been a while – again – since I posted.  A combination of moving house, not much crafting activity because of the moving house and a real weariness that creeps in when you are… moving house has kept me away from the blog.  Still, it will be over soon and in a new house, life can get back to a more moderate pace.

Some time ago I blogged about a pair of board shorts that I made for my boy.  I loved making them and love seeing him wear them.  Since then, I have made a matching hat and got that lovely photo of him wearing them. I am so proud of them and how he looks in them, it brings a little tear to my eye. What a very special boy he is.

There won’t be any more sewing until the move is over and I am set up again but I have been doing a bit of knitting in the evenings.  Last night I finished Damson (Rav link) but not sure if it will get blocked any time soon.  You need to spread out all the little frilly bits on the bottom edge and I have packed my blocking boards.  Still, it is pretty and I am pleased that I did it.  I am thinking I might also try some lace knitting while I am trying to keep the projects to a minimum.  It will force me to concentrate on just one thing for a while and I did happen to keep some lace weight yarn out of my packing.

I just realised that I forgot to post the blocks that I made for the October ‘Around the Block’ Party.  I am loving this swap even though I am still a bit remote from it because I haven’t had a lot of time to really get involved in the Flickr group.  Still, I have learnt so much in the first three rounds and I really can’t wait to see the other patterns and fabrics that will come through.  We got these fabrics just as we signed the contract on the house so I made sure I got them done quick smart.  I really enjoyed the process of laying out the fabrics and fiddling with the colour and width options.  I also loved the free flow of this type of block making.  It was great fun.

Fabulous… even if I do say so myself.


One Response to “More gaps”

  1. donna Says:

    I am surprised that you have managed to get any sewing done.
    How long until the move.

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