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Wonky Houses October 4, 2009

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Because we have been looking to buy a new home, when I found out we are making Wonky Houses, my heart sank.  I was a bit over houses.  I’d been through too many houses and then the contract that we had on one that we wanted fell over because… well, because it was Wonky (the house not the contract)!  Still, I have persevered and now I am just in love with Wonky Houses.  I mean what is not to love.  It doesn’t matter if these houses are wonky… the wonkier the better and you can have all the features you want .. all within your price range.  So now I have finally finished my Wonky House for the lovely Helen and I hope it will become a very happy home. This wonky house is close to schools and parks – it has a great view and a lovely garden.  The size is juuust right for a little family of 3 and there is room for a pool.  I have just received the fabrics for the next blocks so I’m making it a priority to get those done very soon.

The block is a bit big but I left it that way so that Helen can decide how much grass and sky she wants and crop it accordingly.

Fortunately, it looks like we have found another house that is rock solid so hopefully within a month or so, we will be moving.  And all this house hunting has meant that I have been a bit quiet of late because there are just only so many hours in a day.  And moving is not going to change that much but I have still been enjoying a bit of quiet time in the evening.

I made my Mum an Eva Shawl for her birthday.  It is in Bendigo Woollen Mills Alpaca in Tosca and Black (thanks Donna) and I used a 6mm hook for the most of the shawl and went down to a 5.5 for the edging.  It is the wrong time of year to be presenting a shawl but I’m sure she will use it next Winter.

I am also working on a Razor Cami which needs the straps done and a Damson shawl but progress is slow.


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