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Still catching up September 3, 2009

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I still seem to be trying to catch up with all of my life online at present, paying bills, checking emails, work, blogging… I just seem to be a bit behind.  There is a good reason, we are looking to buy another house soon and so I stalk real estate instead of craft and I spend time looking at survey maps, titles, easement documents as I sort the wheat from the chaff.  It is all pretty thankless and not inpirational at all.  Except that it is another big decision you make on your life’s journey and not one to be taken lightly.

Anyway… I have still had time for some FO’s

I made this little ray after seeing it on a new Rav friends projects list.  Hers is better than mine but I do think he is cute.  I made him because we have annual passes to SeaWorld on the Gold Coast and we go there regularly.  There is a big Ray pond where you can touch them as they swim past.  My boy loves it.  Unfortunately, he has not yet bonded with this little fella.  When I asked him if he would like to give him a cuddle he said NO!  Do you like him… NO! and the poor little Ray was thrown across the room. Ah well, you can’t win them all.

you can thank my husband for the photo – he suggested the Ray should be photographed on some blue.

But my next is a triumph – a pool robe made from a towel using this pattern and easy peasy so fantastic to do.  We also go to Wet n Wild a lot so I think this will get a lot of use.  Excuse the odd applique placements, I was covering up some bleach spots on this particularly nice and fluffy but previously damaged towel.  Most mothers would have gone out and spent the money on a new towel in just the right colour… not me… poor lad.  It was a lovely towel though and now it is a lovely robe.  Special mention to Amy as her buttons are just perfect for this little project.  Best thing I did, buying her buttons.

there are a few more appliques on the back (thomas and percy) and it fits him beautifully.  It was my first time using bias binding around a curved edge and it took me 3 attmpts to get it even close but this will have to do for now.  I made the bias myself after reading Nikki’s fab tutorial and buying myself a nifty clover bias maker.  You can’t beat fellow bloggers for giving you the confidence to give things a go.

Other than this, I am working on another Eva Shawl to give to my Mum for her birthday.  It is in BWM Alpaca and it is turning out to be really special (as it should for my special Mum).  Pics when it is done (although I don’t think she reads my blog so it probably won’t matter).

Life is good at the moment but it feels like the calm before the storm.


3 Responses to “Still catching up”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    I am just a little bit in love with your ray! How cute is he??

    Good luck with the house stuff….even if it is stealing your precious craft time!

  2. Donna Says:

    The robe is great. Will have to add it to my list.

  3. Emma Says:

    I like your ray better than mine! It looks better with a white mouth and white underneath. Not sure why I choose the motley wool for underneath but I regretted it.

    It was given to my cousins new born recently, but sent to Perth and I haven’t had any feedback yet. I hope it didn’t get thrown across the room 😉

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