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Miss me? August 25, 2009

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It has been a while since I have blogged for three good reasons:

  1. I have had limited access to a computer for the usual reasons
  2. I have been trying to reduce my online time in order to be a bit more productive offline
  3. I haven’t really felt like it

I feel a bit dissappointed in myself because at this point, this is the only place that I am actually keeping track of what is going on in my life.  For example, I should have blogged on Saturday night when Gryff said his first full sentence ‘I want to stay in the bath’ (not ‘stay.. in … bath”, not ‘bath… bath… bath… (repeat until you go a bit loopy) but a real sentence!  I should also have blogged that he has started saying his own name (such as ‘it’s Gryff’s turn’ and ‘they are Gryff’s pants’), refering to people as me and you and can take his own shirt and singlet off without help.  I also know how much I love to see regular updates from the blogs that I follow, particularly the ones which involve a bit of family life and expose a bit about who we are.

But now is my chance to catch up and show off a few of the things I have been working on.  The most important is that I finally finished the Chaletgirls block swap round 6.  This round seemed to take me a long time but I am pleased with the results.  I found the blue gingham particularly challenging but in the end, it all worked out.

Second, I made this this little wee bunny from the wee wonderfuls free patterns range.

I had been thinking about quite a few big projects and decided that I needed to make something so I made this little guy on the spur of the moment, wanting to try out some embroidery.  I pulled out a thrifted flannel pillow slip that was too small for pyjama pants for my boy and a thrifted chenille double bedspread.  As you can see, the bunny is great, the embroidery is rubbish.  I think choosing to try this out on a chenille bunny was a bit of a mistake so I have pulled out some coloured fabric and calico for the front to try again.  I have also chosen the wrong thread and feel lke there is a whole world that is about to open up for me as I work out what this thread business is all about. Still, I think he is a very cute bunny.  My boy likes him too.

I have also finished the Shalom Cardi which I knitted with the Cascade Ecological skein I bought from the fabulous Tangled Yarns.

I am really pleased with it even though I thought initially that I had made it a bit big but it is really comfy which makes me thing that perhaps I tend to make my jumpers and vests a bit small.  Anyway, I resisted the temptation to put a coconut shell button on  it and found this lovely button the the Beutron Retro range.

I think it is a perfect vest for winter in Brisvegas where it still rarely gets below 20 degrees C during the day.

My next FO is a Lazy Day hat from the Make It Perfect range. Modelled by Gryff while we were strawberry picking (BTW I think they should weigh the kids before and after, not the buckets!)

Unfortunately it is a wee bit small for Gryff so I am going to make it again in the larger sizes for the whole family.  It was a good learning exercise as I have been keen to make hats but never been able to follow the pattern to fruition.  I  can easily keep this one for a gift for a smaller child.

And then finally, the best thing I have made in the last week.  This is one of those things that I loved from beginning to end, from when I saw this fabulous fabric on sale at Spotlight to when I had the little boy try them on (but omitted to have the camera handy then).

I love these board shorts made from a ripstop type cotton, showing just how boys should wear more flowers.  I can’t wait to get him back in them to take a photo.  I can’t wait to have a photo of him running around on the beach with them.  I love them so much I went back and bought the rest of the fabric on the roll (only 2 metres unfortunately) so he can have another pair next year, a lazy day hat and anything else I can think of to make for him.  I am going to stalk fabric stores for more fabulous boy flowery fabric like this.    I have a few more pairs of 3/4 length pants and shorts in the pipeline for the coming summer.  Watch this space!

Whew! thats it for now – I think I might try to do this a bit more often!


2 Responses to “Miss me?”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    I did miss you! Great to hear what you have been up to. I am deeply envious of the strawberry picking. Henry would adore that more than I could ever express in words.

    I love everything you’ve done, but particularly the flowery boy shorts!

  2. […] time ago I blogged about a pair of board shorts that I made for my boy.  I loved making them and love seeing him wear […]

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