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Husbands! July 27, 2009

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Its been hard to blog lately as access to our main computer has been…. limited.  You would think that being married to a computer geek (who works in IT, speaks geek language and spends his evenings doing geeky things) would have computer advantages but I can assure you the opposite is true.  There does not seem to be one day when I can turn it on and things will be the same as the last time it was turned on.  We have multiple hard drives, run 3 different operating systems (testing environments) and a wide range of accessories which may or may not work (depending on which computer is running them).  I try to keep all my ‘stuff’ in a discrete little corner of an external hard drive but for some reason, it has been found and needed to be ‘tidied’ (this from a man that has trouble finding the washing basket with his socks and is always complaining that nothing is ever where he left it (because that is usually on the dining table just before dinner is ready).  So now my camera link, the place I like to put all the photos when they are downloaded and my ‘notes to self’ are all in different places.  He thinks it is ‘clever’.  I think it is daft.  Hopefully, very soon I can move them all back together again. Otherwise I will scream.  Please.. please can I have my own computer (from the many that we run in our house) and please, please, please can it be left alone.

Enough husband bashing!  He is lovely … really…

So what have I been up to?  This last week I finished the light and airy scarf made from the fabulous mohair / silk yarn dyed by Knitting by Zen and edged it with the Kaalund that Donna gave me.  I really wanted to see what the two looked like together and am so pleased with the result even if the yarn was a bit more aqua than I was expecting.  I can’t wait for my next project with these two together.

Then I put together a little shrug with a leftover 200g ball of Bendi 8ply Rustic (peppercorn).  I used the chevron pattern from Milobo’s chevron lace cardi and the same yarn, just made a big rectangle and seamed it under the arms.  It is suprisingly warm and I have worn it a few times.  No pictures as I have promised not to take any more photos in the bedroom mirror but I’ll get one soon.

My greatest achievement this week was this lovely little library bag for my boy.  I love making him things.  I put a couple of big pockets on one side (to hold a small bear and a pencil case) and his name on the other to practice more machine applique.  Its better than last time but still needs work.

And I also added a couple of rows on to the bottom of one of his vests.  Just trying to get it to last until the end of this winter. I love crochet… just add in yarn and keep going.  The yarn is a bit different but I’m sure a wash or two will sort that out. Not that pretty but fast and functional.  Love it.

I have still not been tempted to start on another big yarn project and realised today that as the weather seems like it is getting a bit warmer, I’m probably not inspired by any big woolly projects so I’m still looking at smaller, lighter garments.


2 Responses to “Husbands!”

  1. donna Says:

    You have been a busy girl. I really should have made bran a vest for winter but like you I feel like it is getting warmer and there is no need. Maybe next year.

    I cringed when I read about your husband. Even though I miss him terribly I do hate it when my hubby tries to “help” me with my computer. I should enjoy the last of my time to myself. He will be back early next week!!!

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