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diets…. July 23, 2009

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I have been pretty good with my self imposed yarn / fabric / patterns/ vintage sheet diet although not perfect. I did pick up a lovely sheet and a couple of op shop patterns the other day but it was so insignificant, it is hardly worth mentioning (so I won’t, in the vain hope that nobody notices). I HAD to buy some yarn to finish off a shawl for a friend  but I only bought what I needed. I have felt very proud of myself as I put stuff back, walk away, decide that I just don’t need it at present. I have done a few swaps on the Karma Yarn Thread on Ravelry but I don’t think that swapping counts.  I have also bought a few flannel sheets because they make fabulous PJs for the boy. I did get some yarn for my birthday recently which is like a treat and I do have to buy some yarn for my Mums birthday present because she wants a particular colour that I don’t have. And then my husband said ‘do you know where we can get some old sheets from? (to use as drop sheets for our house painting).  I mean.. how can he not notice?  How unobservant can he be?  So I got some for him and just a few for me!   But still, despite this, the diet is continuing and like most good diets, it might actually just start to becoming a way of life.  Not all life, just  day to day life.   Still, I still have the materials I need for the new projects I want to start.

Which gets me on to my big problem.  Starting new projects.  I am so wary of getting myself into WIP hell again, I don’t want to start anything.  Well, anything big… I am just doing little projects that I can see the beginning, middle and end of.  Probably OK for now but starting to think that I am just thinking too much.

Still, I have renovations / painting / organising to finish in the house, my employer wants me to take on more days and my boy needs more of my time than ever.  Life seems full of decisions at present so not being able to commit to anything big should not be any surprise to anyone… let alone me.


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