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I’ve got the Clap… July 17, 2009

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… The Clapotis (that is),  finished!

How exciting is that!  It was one of my big projects to finish as part of WIP month and now it is done.  I have blogged before (here and here) about how unrewarding the knitting is in this project and of course, as everyone before me (at least 11,000 people on Ravelry alone) has commented, at the end you just love it.  And I do too.  It drapes beautifully and even if I wasn’t wild about the colour choice of my yarn, I think that the variation of colour that it has across the diagonal works really well.

and Ta Da…. here it is.

I didn’t block it, I just soaked and dried it and I don’t think it needs any more than that.

Thanks to Kate Gilbert for such an inspired pattern.

You will be pleased that I am no longer trying to take photos in our bedroom with the garment on.  I finally realised that they never really worked out, my bed was never made well enough, you could see the clothes that didn’t make it in to the hamper and usually my mirror was covered with toddler fingerprints to such an extent, you probably couldn’t see the item well anyway.  Until I can get the little boy to take the photos, I think we will just have to do them on the back deck.

So what next….I have just cast on another little light and airy scarf to experiment with my kidsilk haze and the lovely kaalund yarn that Donna gave me for Christmas.  I am knitting the scarf and then I am going to crochet a little border on each end.  I think it will be very sweet. Short and sweet.


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