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End of WIP month July 12, 2009

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My WIP month is over and it was a great success!  I completed 11 of my 17 projects and have another 2 which are nearly completed because I made such good progress on them.  The other 4 are silly little things that I should never have started really so I am happy that they just get abandoned for the time being.  Who knows, when I have a WIP month again (where I vow not to start anything new) they might get another look.  I also completed a few things that needed to be completed such as curtains for our new renovation downstairs and a painting smock for the boy using this fabulous pattern (although I didn’t get the pattern pieces sent so had to make it up myself – hence this one is a little small).  It was my first real attempt at machine applique and I think by the last letter, I improved enough to try it again.

So you would think that I would be jumping in to some new things but I have held back.  Everything has slowed down for the past couple of weeks as Gryff and I have been a bit sick and he has had sone days when he just would not let me put him down.  I have also been really cautious to chose projects that I really, really love.  This weekend, I made a few pairs of pants for him as it is becoming near impossible to find any that fit him well.  He is growing so tall but is still really thin around the waist so all the pants we have are either too short or fall down.  I just looked at a few tutorials on the internet and winged it! The first pair were much to small but the other two are wearable.  I also cut up a flannellette cot sheet I found at the op shop and made him some pyjama pants.   I have also made a cute little scarf for a friend’s birthday and one for me  using the fabulous Malabrigo worsted that my fabulous magic ball swap partner sent me last year.

I am still trying to work out what my next ‘big’ project will be and trying to finish the clapotis before I am tempted to jump in.


One Response to “End of WIP month”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    Hope you two are on the mend soon!

    Great smock! I also love his look of concentration!

    I know this is nowhere near as fabulous as making your own, but if you get really stuck, I swear by Gymboree boys pants as they have adjustable waists. Get the length right and you can make them fit any size around the waist.

    {I buy them from the US, at their end of season sales. Cheaper than Target clothes, even when you factor in the shipping…although I do buy a season’s worth at a time}

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