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The Granny Square Vest June 28, 2009

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Even when I started this vest, I wasn’t clear what I wanted it to be. I remember that I was fascinated by how the cold grey sock yarn was made instantly warm by the blue baby yarn when they were worked together and how the whole yarn effect was so much more pleasing than the sum of the parts.

I remember wanting to make him something a bit retro and having just finished a small granny square blanket for him (not his birthday blanket), I was enjoying the simplicity of the granny square and thought he should wear one about (poor kid). I also remember that I couldn’t find a suitable pattern for him and so decided it was easy enough to make up. Initially I made it too small and I frogged a bit of it and put it down at the end of winter in favour of one of his summer tops with a promise that it would be finished by this winter. Crochet is so forgiving that I could just pick it up again, join in a bit of yarn and keep going. It has a few flaws as I never really thought about which was the right and the wrong side when I was adding to it (so it has some stitches from both) but in the end, I am pleased that it is because I think he looks really sweet in it.

The colour works for him, it fits him well (he has a long skinny body) and the collar adds a bit of distinguished charm to what could have been a pretty dire attempt at a retro look. I am pleased that another one of my WIPs is off the list and it has really added something unusual (you can say that again) to his wardrobe.


One Response to “The Granny Square Vest”

  1. Donna Says:

    he does look adorable in it. You have inspired me to make a vest in some dodgy brown variegated wool for Brandon. I think retro is the way to go!!

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