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Some more FOs June 20, 2009

Filed under: finished objects — yarnplanner @ 3:15 pm

I think I should have called Friday ‘FO Friday’ but that sounded a bit rude.  I did, however, officially finish 5 of my WIPs and am even a bit ahead of myself.

These platti’s are now crossed off my list of WIPs.  As 2 of these 3 lovely platti’s had to be ready for this weekend it is a good job too!

These are the same pattern that I used here, a variation of the funky friends factory pattern.  The pink one in the middle if for a very special little girl turning one on Sunday and one of the other two are for a little two year old.  The other one is for Gryff because they are so cute, I couldn’t have him miss out.  I love the pattern and particularly like these in the furry fabric rather than just the plain polar fleece.  What you can’t tell from this photo is they are filled with a bit of hobby fill and a bit of soup mix.  Tihis gives them a bit of softness and a bit of grainy weght,  which works well.  This is my first use of ‘safety eyes’ and can’t quite work out why I thought that they were ‘hard’ to use.  Silly me.


2 Responses to “Some more FOs”

  1. Donna Says:

    The fluffy platypi (all of them) look so cute and cuddly.

    • yarnplanner Says:

      I sent a photo to Pauline and she seemed to like them. I think (for the Plattie) the fur works really well.
      My husband even said how great they were!

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