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Another FO – half way through WIP Month June 16, 2009

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Another FO – and a big one too!  This Eva Shawl, made with Bendigo Luxury in Blue Denim and Cleckheaton Country in Sage needs to be ready for the birth of a new baby boy on the 25th of June.  It is for my very dear friend Melissa who is having her second and I thought a feeding shawl for these chilly nights was just the thing.  She doesn’t really need anything for the baby so, thanks to Donna‘s great idea, I decided to make something for her.  It was on my WIP list so there is another one to cross off.  I decided after the two balls of Bendi yarn were finished, I just wanted it to be a bit bigger so added those couple of extra rows in the Country – I’m pretty sure the yarn is the same, it certainly felt the same being worked.

Melissas Eva

Melissa's Eva

The WIP month has been really good for me.  It has made me more ‘workmanlike’ than I would like but that has been good.  I am really starting to feel creatively refreshed as I know I am making space for the more creative stuff.  It has made me recognise the important stages of the creative process from inception, development to completion and aim to get the balance a bit more even.  Even though I always knew the ‘5% inspiration, 95% perspiration applies (although probably more about 20/80), I know that I do enjoy the whole process but when I find myself continually inspired (and therefore starting projects) I need to remember that that process gets bogged down if my mind then sees endless WIPs stacking up behind them.  I am progressing well with my WIPs which started at the beginning of the month at 17 (not 15 as previously blogged – a found another couple lurking!).  Now that number is down to 9, officially half way through the month.  But the good news is that some of that first 8 were pretty big projects and these last lot are smaller but a bit more fiddly.  I am pleased that I have also managed to get through a pile of mending / altering that I had just sitting there and so have revived an very nice Cashmere jumper that I bought in Italy some time in the late ’90s but didn’t wear because it was too long and a great Pringle collared T-shirt which I didn’t wear for the same reason.  I just shortened both of them with my overlocker and then sewed up the hem and I have now worn both of them.  I hope that I will start July with nothing on my plate but I’m not going to beat myself up if I don’t.  There are one or two of those outstanding projects that I still can’t get enthusiasm for but that is OK.  Perhaps they need to wait a bit longer.


3 Responses to “Another FO – half way through WIP Month”

  1. What a lovely shawl & a lovely gift for a new mother… great thinking there… OOroo… Bethel

  2. Donna Says:

    The green on the bottom is a really nice feature. Great choice.

    • yarnplanner Says:

      It had to be … it was either that or another purchase (during my diet month) from BWM. Still, I will have to ‘fess up to the recipient as I have already told our other (can’t keep her mouth shut) friend the long, sad story. Pity I didn’t think about the difference in our hook size (I used a 6.5mm) before I decided that the two balls would be enough.

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