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Gryff is now 2 June 12, 2009

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On their little boys second birthday, how many mothers say this – ‘when did my baby get so big?’  I’ve really tried not to do that today and tried not to remember the (long) labour, the early feeding problems and my angst over every little sniffle and temp. Luckily, I have had it really easy and that is all I have ever had to worry about.  But today, it is all about what a sweet, clever and fabulous boy I have.  What a grown up little boy he has become.  It is all about how he is really becoming his own little person.   How he can find a toy lost 3 days earlier when I have looked and looked.  How he tells me that when a toy is broken, ‘Ken’ (my stepfather) will fix it. How he watches me do something once and then does it the same.  How he loves his cousins and recites all their names.  How he gives me a big hug when I ask for one and how he is always a step ahead of me. He surprises me every day and I never stop marvelling at how amazing he is.  I just strive to make sure he knows he is loved and how proud of him I am.

happy birthday boy


One Response to “Gryff is now 2”

  1. Sheridan Says:

    Beautiful post for a beautiful boy!

    Congratulations on getting to ‘2’ for you as well. I hope it’s a great age for you and Gryff. ‘2’ was my very favourite age; I was so sad when it ended.

    PS The LaLa slippers are killing me, how cute are they?

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