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Ooops June 9, 2009

Filed under: bits of life — yarnplanner @ 12:18 pm

I know that I said that I wouldn’t buy anything this month but perhaps I should have been more specific. I really meant to say that I wouldn’t buy anything ‘new’ this month. So second hand is really, really ok, isn’t it. Well not really ok because then I could be buying more sheets, more Ravelry destash and more of a whole lot of things. I could even ask my Mum (or some other lovely person visiting a special place) to buy something for me and then I give her the money for it (essentially buying it from her). I didn’t do any of that, I promise. I just bought one little book from the Caloundra Arts Centre Association craft fair that I went to on Sunday. It was only $4 and it is very comprehensive. One little slip up…

The craft fair was pretty good, made better by the fact that my Mum came with me and we stopped for a cup of coffee together.  She is not very crafty although I am sure she probably has been in the past.  She talks of the needlework that she remembers her Mum and Grandmother doing and it makes me sad that I don’t remember that about them.   It was lovely to see what some other very clever ladies do in Caloundra.


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