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Gryff’s Birthday Blanket June 9, 2009

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Last year, when my boy turned one, I made a blanket to mark his birthday. It isn’t a present as such, just a symbol of his passing year.  So I have just finished the one to mark my boys 2nd birthday. That is in 3 days so it is good that it is finished. It ended up bigger than I had intended but I just couldn’t bear to stop. I get like that at the end of some projects, particularly sentimental ones.  I love getting to the end but then I feel sad that I have to stop.  Still, I am very happy with it and hope that one day he knows how much love went in to making it. It was fun to try to get the offset granny square to work but it needed the border to make it square up properly. I would do a few things different if I did it again such as make the colour changes more dramatic on the border by increasing to colour change every 2 rows not just one as soon as I did the border but no matter. I love it.  I’m already starting to plan his blanket for next year… in fact, it might be a quilt!

I’m looking forward to getting a photo of him with it – after Friday!


One Response to “Gryff’s Birthday Blanket”

  1. donna Says:

    I love this. The border has just made it spectacular. You have inspired me!!!

    Happy Birthday to Gryff too. Sending all of our love. Hope that you have a great day!!!

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