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Quick WIP update (and an FO) June 4, 2009

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Here are the pics I promised from the finished crocus bud and the WIP clapotis.  The crocus bud finished up being 2.2 metres but it didn’t get much wider with the blocking.  I didn’t block too hard though.  I’m pleased that I have plenty of length to play around with different wearing options.

Here is the Clapotis which I have vowed to finish (along with the rest of my WIPs) by the end of June.  I am going to start the new financial year with NOTHING outstanding.  Good idea?? I have also vowed that I will not buy any more fabric, patterns, vintage sheets or anything else unless I need it to finish my WIPs for the month of June as well.  I have so many good project ideas and good fabric and yarn, I am going to use up a bit of it.  Now that is blogged, I will have to stick to it.  If you see anything new popping up between now and the 1st of July, feel free to rap over the knuckles.

For the record the yarn is JL Vinca and this is nearly 2 skeins worth.  I will be doing about another 5 pattern repeats on the straight section and then the decrease.  That should use up about another skein.  I hate having half skens left over!

And here are the Amy Butler lounge pants and appliqued t-shirt I gave my sister for her birthday.  They are the same as the ones I gave my other sister and my mother but in different colour ways.  I think they all really like them.


2 Responses to “Quick WIP update (and an FO)”

  1. Donna Says:

    Crocus looks beautiful!!! Can’t wait to see it.

    And your clapotis … I can’t believe how much progress you have made. And very restrained for not letting the drop stitches go. I couldn’t wait to unravel each one as I got to a finishing point.

  2. […] big projects to finish as part of WIP month and now it is done.  I have blogged before (here and here) about how unrewarding the knitting is in this project and of course, as everyone before me (at […]

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