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Back from Hamilton Island June 2, 2009

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Hamilton Island is a perfect family holiday when you have a nearly two year old.  We just had cruisy days, the pool, the beach, sailing and they even have a little zoo which is perfect for a half hour visit.  The restaurants are generally family friendly and the accommodation was great.  Our boy just loved it – the pools were a bit cold but he jumped in and out quite easily.  There was a heated spa to help out too.  I think that the boy grew up a bit during this week.  I guess that kids do that when you challenge them out of their normal routine, introduce them to a new environment and get yourself away from the usual buzz of life and to spend more time with them.  Gryff seemed to take advantage of that to a certain extent with some challenging behaviours of his own but I know that these are the peaks and troughs of a toddlers life.  All in all, I was so pleased with how he behaved and how we went about our days.

a happy holiday camper

a happy holiday camper

being on the beach is serious kids business

being on the beach is serious kids business

I took only two projects with me to force myself to keep going with my WIPs.  I was able to finish the crocus bud, put the beaded edging on it and weave in the ends ready for blocking.  This light little folly was a really big project.  Just on 1000 yards of yarn and although it was a really simple pattern, it went off the rails a few times and needed some real work.  I am so very happy with it but will reserve all judgement until it is blocked (happening as I type).  But here are the photos taken with my phone as I was jumping around with excitement.

a finished crocus bud (not normally native to Hamilton Island)

a finished crocus bud (not normally native to Hamilton Island)

beads and all

beads and all

I also made real progress on the Clapotis.  I have done most of the straight rows that the pattern calls for but might just keep going with them for a bit longer to use all three full balls of yarn (690m).  I spent some time unravelling the dropped stitch rows just so I could see how it was all going to look and I’m pretty happy with it so far.  I understand that this project grows when it is blocked and so I think it will look lovely.  I think that I chose the right yarn but I was not sure about the colour (I have a blue green colourway of this yarn too).  Still, it is done now and both colours have their advantages.  As my Eva shawl is a dark, muted tones, I think this pastelly, pretty one is a good option to have in my wardrobe.  It won’t be finished for a couple of weeks yet as I put it to one side and finish another couple of time dependent projects which were too big to take in the holiday bag.  It feels like I was able to ‘break the back’ of this one and will enjoy finishing it when the time is right. Photos soon.

My ‘skirt-a-day’ skirts were perfect for this holiday and I was really pleased that I had made so many.  I actually took six with me but only wore 5.  The great thing was that they worked so well with just a simple t-shirt which meant that I packed really light.  I took a spare pair of my Amy Butler pants and wore jeans on the plane but that was it.  So my clothes took less suitcase space than my husbands – and I had plenty of lovely little skirts that fitted me and looked quite nice (I thought).

Back in to the routine but that is OK. I came home to a new bathroom (and a big builders mess) but that was OK too.


2 Responses to “Back from Hamilton Island”

  1. chaletgirl Says:

    Welcome back! Well done with all the crafting!

    Your son is very very gorgeous…those lips! How do you stop yourself from kissing them all day??

  2. Susie Says:

    I find it hard to leave my beautiful boy alone! Unfortunately, so did the Japanese tourists while we were on holiday. We couldn’t go anywhere without them wanting to take a picture of him. How wierd is that?

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