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Vintage Sheet Heaven May 21, 2009

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The boy and I were out and about today and I dropped in to an ‘out of the way’ charity shop that I hadn’t yet visited but had seen from a distant road.  What a great place… obviously none of the other vintage sheet horders had been there either because there were heaps!  I actually even left some behind for the next person.  So here is today’s little haul.


the last ones are pillowslips actually but not matter.  Lots of lovely stuff.  And then when I got home…

my sheet swap lovelies…. what can I say.. just heaven.  Before I took this photo I spent a good half hour just wanting to sort them out… by colour, by value, ones that went together, some that were different fabric types.  I am in love with each and every one of them.  Collectively they are … well they are just divine.  

Isn’t it funny that I have this unnatural love for these bits of fabric and I have NO IDEA what I will do with them.  I see the sheets that I buy from charity shops as skirts and dresses – every one of them but I can’t yet see what these beautiful liitle morsels of sheet heaven will be.  No matter…that is probably good at this stage.  I am just loving having them.

I am so grateful to Sheridan as the swap organiser (and her mum for helping and her husband for putting up with all the sheets in the corner and her son for probably missing out on some of Mummy’s time while she organised it and her daughter for putting up with yet another pram walk to the post office) and sheet swapper extraordinaire.  

This is one very happy swapper.


2 Responses to “Vintage Sheet Heaven”

  1. donna Says:

    THey are great. I have no idea what to do with them either. But I am thinking of a quilt/picnic rug for my sister and another for my dad.

  2. chaletgirl Says:

    Thank you, what a lovely post!! You are very welcome, Susie. It’s lovely to have you as such a keen participant in the swaps.

    And what a great haul from your secret charity shop!

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