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Block Party #3 May 21, 2009

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This was such a fun round of the party for me.  Only two fabrics but such a contrast between the two and me feeling that I was in a sort of rythym after #2.  In case it is not clear, I received #2 and #3 within a day of each other as #2 seemed to come to Brisbane from Sydney via a surfing holiday in Hawaii.  No matter now but at the time it was a bit overwhelming but now it is fab – they are all done and I had such fun and am really quite proud of the last efforts (not that I wasn’t of the first but…).

So here is what I did with them for Lara and for Donna.  More pictures are on the Flickr site. 

I find this process particularly interesting as I get so focused on each block.  I love positioning the original fabric so that it creates a picture on its own and then the complimentary fabric so it enhances that picture.  I have probably spent more time rearranging the little squares than I have cutting and sewing.  It is amazing to me how many tiny, but important decisions you make about each block, each seam as you go, to make it work the best it can be.  It is also amazing to me that I have completely lost sight of the end game in this process.  I am not doing this to receive all those blocks of my fabric back in the end, I am really enjoying this for the process of creating these blocks for others.  Seeing how I can make all these other fabrics, some I like better than others, work with my interpretation of how they can look.  Having said that, the idea of having blocks made with my own fabric back, so that I can explore how they have interpreted my fabric is pretty amazing too.  This is the most complete of life cycles..and I am loving every minute of it. (have I said that before… perhaps..but I am!).


2 Responses to “Block Party #3”

  1. donna Says:

    They all look fantastic. I am really pleased with what you have done with my blocks.

    By the look of it your fabric stash is growing too!!

  2. chaletgirl Says:

    I think your blocks for Donna are the nicest I have seen yet!

    I’m so pleased you are enjoying it so much. I am too!

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