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Covert Operations May 15, 2009

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Last year, for my boy’s first birthday, I made him a blanket which was a big commitment for me at the time – the largest project I had done but as my boy is a big commitment and a pretty big project too – it seemed most appropriate. 

possum's birtday blankie 

I loved making it and love seeing it in his cot and now on his bed.  So I decided last year that I would make another one this year (and maybe even try to make a blanket or quilt for each of his birthdays to come – it seems like a nice idea to be able to give him 18 blankets on his 18th birthday although he will most probably prefer a car).  I have been working on this years blanket on and off since the end of last year.  It was originally a ‘car project’ because I can do it without looking at it all the time and when it got a bit big for the car, moved in to the house.  It then started to go a bit pear shaped and I put it down for a while as I needed to decide what to do.  This is often one of my great weaknesses – I get to a problem and rather than sorting it out and enjoying the challenge of solving it… I sort of tuck it away and get on with something else.  Anyway… one of my strengths is that I don’t abandon it all together.  So now it has been sorted I am back in love with the project and in true form, now racing at the end.  But racing in a good way – I’m loving how it is coming together and how it has all worked out.  I love the granny square concept, I love the offset which I sort of worked out for myself (even if it did start to go a bit pear shaped) and I love the colours and how they come together.  It is right that I love it so much seeing as it is going to my boy.  I will get it finished on time so it doesn’t really matter that I did put it down for a while – I mean no point in finishing his birthday blanket at Christmas time is there! I already know what next years quilt will be but I’ll get this one out of the way before getting it sorted. here is a photo of it now. the offset square means it will have to be blocked before use to even it up but I am confident it will work out beautifully.

Possum's 2nd birthday blankie WIP


One Response to “Covert Operations”

  1. Donna Says:

    The granny border looks really really good. I love how it make you look to the little blue square in the corner. And I love the colours!!

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